Curiosity #52: Heri Burger Pt. 2


Below are a series of text messages sent by Heri Burger to my handphone, some sent at very random hours of the day and night. Despite having not seen him since our first meeting, Mr. Heri Burger has become my most loyal texting companion.

“Miss Julie, How are you?”

“Miss Julie… Good night … Thanks. Heri Mr Burger.”

“Mrs. Hana works at Mr. Burger with Heri … Mrs. Hana wants to know Mrs. Julie. Can she?”

“Mrs. Hana love America, culture and tradition.”

“Mrs. Hana introduce/know Miss Julie via SMS. Can she?”

“Good evening. Miss Julie, when go to Hongkong? Especially for your Christmas?”

“Please! Join to my facebook!”

“Good evening Miss Julie. How are you? A lot of work today? Heri Mr. Burger.”

“How with planning Anniversary or your Christmas?”

“Do you have free time on Saturday? Eat Hamburger or drink the kind of juice at Magelang Street… 20 minutes from your campus… Thanks for your answer.”

“No problem… I hope we can meet for next time or next week… I beg your pardon. See you later. Thanks.”

“Good morning… Miss Julie… Do you have class today? Maybe it’s better you eat Hamburger and drink the kind of juice for the New Year. Can you?”

“Miss Julie… Heri Mr. Burger wants surprised for your Christmas New Year. Heri wants to give a gift like Sinterclas. Maybe better January.”

2 thoughts on “Curiosity #52: Heri Burger Pt. 2

  1. Julie: Truly, you’ve created one of the most enduring characters in modern times in Heri Mr. Burger. Right up there with Mr. (Fish &) Chips. I relished everything about this post. Sincerely truly obviously yours, Randy Matzah Ball Gaynes

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