Curiosity #23: Mmoetia


In the Ashanti forest,  enchanted dwarfs dwell in the shadows of the trees. These creatures are called mmoetia, and are the sources of great power within Ghanaian society.

Very few Ghanaians witness the mmoetia in daily life, since most prefer invisibility; however many traditionalists assert that these spirits bear a physical form: small in appearance, with light skin and backwards feet. While the mmoetia primarily dwell among the trees, they acquire powers from native river deities who command them according to the needs of the people.

Upon gravely offending a spirit or human, Ghanaians must beware of the mmoetia. They attack in subtle blows:  with social, financial, and biological misfortunes that persist without mercy. Without spiritual devotion, these punishments never heal, and rather escalate with time.

For the decent and loyal, the mmoetia grant wishes of any kind. Financial wealth, professional success, and family prosperity are all within the grasp of the mmoetias’ tiny hands. To reap these fortunes, however, prayers and libations are essential and – at times – blood from the neck of an unfortunate animal.

One thought on “Curiosity #23: Mmoetia

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Julie, to you and your Mmoetia friends. Our dwarf family in Chicago will be thinking of you as we pray to the river deity for an extra helping of mommy’s special stuffing.
    Best of luck as you move forward to the writing stage of your project.
    Dwarf Daddy

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